Arcing Light

About Lorna Malmberg,

the one who brought forth Arcing Light

Arcing Light Healing Energy

​of the Divine Feminine

Lorna Malmberg made her transition into Heaven at the right hand of God, February 18, 2004.

​She was a beloved Teacher, Healer, Mother, Wife, Screen Writer and Friend.  She helped many people on their path to see things clearer.  She was a person who loved people and they loved her.  She respected others and the lessons in their lives.  She considered those whom she taught part of her family and loved them with all her heart.

​It was the archangels' duty to consider all whom she worked with and all whom she saw, though it was Lorna who defined the Character for which so many loved.

She was a woman who had a mission to bring forth the Heavenly Beings to help Humanity see the truth for which they have forgotten.  It is here that there are crossroads to be considered.  In the light of all things that matter to God in "Heaven", there is only one who is able to help Him the most, the person who dedicates their life to Him, for His purpose, not for their own.  This is the most difficult life to live.  There are many who believe they abide by this principal, but they have forgotten the true reason for being here.  They forgot that living here in the world is more important than living somewhere else, and therefore, they try to be someone else.  That was not the case with Lorna Malmberg.  She brought heaven to Earth, literally.  She faced the difficulties, the reality and the challenges that are part of someone who is in total service to God and to people in the world, similar to Jesus Christ.  She gave of herself to others without expecting anything in return.  Many of you understood that these challenges were constant, but none have found the true meaning of them.

If there is a way to help people, help them by giving to the them in the human way, not the spiritual way.  This is the true meaning of life.