Message from Mother Mary
October 31, 2016

A Message to all Lightworkers


Beloved Ones,

It appears to be a time of doubt and fear, does it not?  Information bombards you from every direction, and as your attention spins from one to the next, you are left breathless and anxious as to what is real and what is imaginary.

Think of the most powerful storm in nature.  Hurricanes furiously disrupt everything in this path leaving such discord in its wake.  Yet, the very center of these destructive forces remains clear and calm.  You, dear children, are called to be the center of the tempest raging outside of you!  Move deep within yourselves to anchor peacefully into the calmness of truth and love of who you truly are.  Do not be swept away by the fury of wind and wave, but stand stalwart as pillars of love and peace - safeguarding the Light for others to see as they find their way.

You will be questioned, Beloved Ones, by those who are in doubt and fear.  Do not take these things to heart.  Those who are not yet awake cling unto a blade of grass of what is known to them even as it is uprooted before their eyes.  The moment of revelation is approaching, and soon hearts will come to know Truth.

The greatest energies of Divine Love and Light are indeed washing over this planet and all upon her - clearing and cleansing so all may hold the vibratory levels of higher dimensions and contain within their hearts a greater light quotient.  Just as it is necessary to shake a rug to loosen the direct from its fibers, so too are density and darkness loosened from the Earth as she rumbles and shudders.

You knew this time would come, Dear Ones, and you are ready for it.  You have prepared lifetime after lifetime for this very moment!  Breathe.  Stay in peace.  Know that you are fully supported in every moment.  And from the very core of your being choose love in everything you think, everything you do, and everything you say.

And when you are weary my sweet children, come to me.  I shall enfold you in my mantle and cradle you tenderly as you rest.

I love you with my mother's heart,

I AM Mother Mary

Message from Archangel Andrew
June 29, 2016

Beloved Ones,

Transformation is the order of the day on Planet Earth and all upon her!  Every living being knows this and responds to the call.  This auspicious time beckons forth Truth and Love, and the worn out patters and processes of yesteryear disintegrate in the wake of endless waves of Light!  This tsunami of love shall lift you ever higher to allow all that you are not to raise to the surface for final release.

What comes up for you?  Are you discovering that you have not yet cleared experiences from the past that continue to strike a cord of emotion?  Do the old familiar faces and places no longer resonate with you as they once did?  And what of your Soul, Dear Ones?  Is it not inviting you into deeper expansion and authentic expression of who you truly are?

​Let go of the thoughts and ideas that keep you struggling and small.  Instead, choose to see yourself as the Divine Being you truly are!  Yes, you are Masters, one and all.  Hold this truth in your hearts and let it fill every cell!  It is time to step into your mastery.

Let not the challenges of your metamorphosis worry you.  Simply do as you are guided.  If your body is weary, rest.  If your mind is foggy and befuddled, step outside and breathe deeply.  If emotions are scattered, honor them and allow them space to express themselves in a positive way.  Be kind and gentle with yourself and others, Beloved Ones.  For as the caterpillar is cradled in its silken embrace as its next stage of life unfolds, so too do you require tenderness in these moments.

​I invite you to use your gift of Arcing Light upon yourselves and others, for our Mother's Love shall pour forth such grace upon her children!  Some of you have received the recent expanded energies.  Have you not felt its power and intelligence?  This sacred gift provides the means for humankind to commune with the fullness of who they are - their I AM Presence.  Ponder upon this great truth that you may fully understand what you behold.

​You are the Beacons of Light, Dear Ones.  Be strong, steady and centered peacefully in your heart.  Soon much of humanity will awaken from slumber, and as they wash the sleep from their eyes, they will search for ones to show them the way.  Reignite the brilliant flame of Mother's Love within you and shine it forth!

​You are never alone, my brothers and sisters.  Reach out to one another and to us.  We are but a breath away.  We shall blaze this new trail together, for that is what families do!

Your traveling companion,

I Am Archangel Andrew

Message from Archangel Andrew
April 20, 2016

Beloved Ones,

​Much is occurring now in a myriad of ways.  The benevolent waves of loving energies from Mother and Father God are sweeping the planet, and Gaia and all upon her reel from the immenseness of them.

As the residue of old patterning wash away, creation is born anew.  This birthing process can be uncomfortable, even painful at times.  Yet, understand that what is to be brought forth in this momentous moment in history can only thrive if the old conditioning is consciously released.  Dear Ones, what is it that has been deeply buried within you that requests your attention now?  Even the very cells in your physical form are letting go the toxic buildup!  Do you see how the chains of bondage are breaking and freedom is at hand?

​Glorious transformation of all life transpires as these shackles are dropped.  The kindling of Gaia's crystalline grid has been realized, and you my brothers and sisters, have set it ablaze!  For each of you are as bring lights upon the grid - points of harmony and of love all interconnected upon this beautiful planet and beyond.  Indeed, this "Light Brigade" is bring heaven to earth!

​Your Light Bodies are merging now with your physical bodies as you, too, transform into your crystalline form.  And because of this most precious metamorphosis, it is essential to focus on this unfoldment process.  Breathe!  Move gentle, without resistance.

  • Honor your body.  What is it communicating to you?  Are you in need of rest?  does it require nourishment?  What organ, bone, or system asks for healing?
  • Honor your feelings.  What triggers your emotions?  Is there an awareness of unaddressed issues?  Do you seek outside of yourselves or deep within your heart?
  • Honor your thoughts.  Where do they come from?  Are your beliefs truly your own, or are they a product of old conditioning needing to be undone?  do you aim high in positive creativity, or is negativity allowed to take root?
  • Honor your Spirit.  What are you being called to do?  Does your heart wing as you move through the day?  Is gratitude an expression you live with?

As the caterpillar gives way to its transfiguration to the butterfly, you two, can trust and yield to this magnificent transformation!  When you choose to consciously participate in this wondrous event, every door is flung open unto you!  Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Guides and Loved Ones await your call for help.

Through this time of great change upon your world, things are not always as they seem to be.  Do not be fooled by those who wish to keep you tethered.  Rather, gaze out upon your brothers and sisters, your planet, and all of creation with the eyes of great love and compassion.  For when you choose to see God in all, you see what we see.  Love, Dear Ones, is all there is.

With great love and admiration,

I AM Archangel Andrew

​​Message from Archangel Andrew
April 6, 2016

Beloved Ones,

Waves of new energies are enveloping the planet and all those upon her, and thus your physical bodies are transitioning to its higher crystalline form.  Every cell shifts into a brand new state, and as it does so, each person experiences strange occurrences in the body - unexplained discomfort, headache, flue-like symptoms, exhaustion.  Yet all is well!  You are holding a greater light quotient and higher vibratory resonance in your heart, opening further your capacity to love.

These benevolent energies are tremendous dispensations of our Mother/Father God.  Truly, a greater gift has never been given to humankind in the history of life on Earth!  Yes, it has been intense.  Maintain your center, Dear Ones.  Anchor within.  Make time for your inner work every day and enter the sanctuary of your heart.  Reach for your Higher Self and hold tight.  Stay calm and peaceful.  Ride these waves with ease.  Breathe!  You are Ascending, Beloved Ones, through your soul's desire to do so.

Divine Mother offers to all a tool for the Ascension process through her gift of Arcing Light - her most precious Love.  The raising of your vibrations, the releasing of old limiting beliefs, the conscious connection with who you truly are and reclaiming you divinity all move you into the Truth of your Oneness with the Creator.  There is no other method that more directly impacts this process!  The Consciousness of Divine Love resides in the heart; therefore, Arcing Light is always given through the heart.

It is a time of profound growth.  It is a time of profound co-creation!  The shifting into higher dimensional frequencies accelerates your abilities in manifestation.  Therefore, be clear on what it is you desire!  Every thought, feeling, word, and action contributes to all that you create.  Hold steady in the vision of what you wish to see and experience in your world.  Step into your power!

Stay in your heart in all ways, my Dear Ones.  The first light of your new world is here!  All of creation is your brother and your sister.  What is chosen for one is chosen for all.  We are with you, ready to assist, awaiting your call to us.  We hold out our hands to you that we may support you in this great shift of the ages!  Let us rides these waves together joyfully and courageously, side by side!

With my deepest love,

I AM Archangel Andrew

My Beloved Children,

​Message from Mother God

January 5, 2016

My Beloved Children,

Deeper awareness is needed now of my divine gift to you - Arcing Light.  You see, it does not perform healing in the way that you comprehend it to take place.  Rather, it is a remembrance of your divine perfection.

​Arcing Light is the essence of my endless love for you, my children.  You experienced this gift the moment your soul was created.  And although it is never withdrawn from you, the overshadowing we call the veil of forgetfulness in your human experience shrouds this gift.  Human hearts have ached to feel this connection for eons, unable to recall it.  Truly, it is my love that you long for deep within your being.

Now, the release of Arcing Light upon the Earth is precise as the new Golden Age dawns with shifts of consciousness and the ascension of humanity with this beautiful planet.  Now is the moment when my children shall lift themselves out of lower dimensions to return to higher consciousness and into the fullness of my embrace once more!

​The purpose of Arcing Light is to return you back to yourself.  To consciously connect back to your Higher Self, your Soul, your I AM Presence residing with me in the fullness of love in higher dimensions.  You have been told you are not your bodies, Dear Ones.  They are but the vehicles chosen by you to move through this human experience.  You are divine.  You are perfectly exquisite, glorious beings of love and light.  And as you unite with your higher dimensional Self, you discover once again your infinite reality.  And as this connection takes place, your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies remember!  And with this recognition they respond so that all, that the Self is not, shall drop away.  Thus, is the healing power of Arcing Light.  The human consciousness returns to total perfection.  LOVE.  Sublime is the moment when you shall bask in the fullness of your BEing!

I offer my gift to you. Receive it.  Share it with others.  But most of all, I ask you to use this gift upon yourselves; and upon its loving frequencies shall you drift home to higher dimensions!

​The clarion call has sounded.  My children are awakening from their nightmares in search for the light.  I beckon to every heart that I may hold them close and fill them with my love, so that they shall know only joy!  yes, Arcing Light is my divine gift to the world.  Come, oh blessed ones!  Come bathe in the essence of my love!

I love you with endless love,

​I AM Your Mother God

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