Arcing Light

divine messages

Arcing Light Healing Energy

​of the Divine Feminine

​Message from Archangel Andrew

December 23, 2015

Greetings Dear Ones,

Love is in the air, isn't it!  Joyful laughter, cheerful singing, and tender smiles fill the Earth this precious moment, and the Company of Heaven celebrate along with you as kindness and generosity are stalled by all.

The blessed energies of our Divine Mother pour out upon the world as Humanity awakens to her loving embrace.  The Christ Consciousness, God's pure, loving essence, is made manifest upon the planet as souls step into the fullness of their Divine Light.  The time has come for all to remember who they truly are and stand in complete knowing of the presence of their great I AM.

​The walls of the old paradigm are crumbling beneath as the dawning of truth and life are laid as the cornerstones of the New Earth.  Release all fear and doubt, Beloved Ones!  The tidal wave of joy shall move swiftly as each for you hold fast to the vision of peace and love.  You are the Vision Holders.  Yes, you are the Creators that shall manifest the great shift upon this beautiful planet!  reach high to the grandest expression of your soul, and create with the knowing that the fullness of Love is the very essence of all Life.  SEE it, my brothers and sisters, and then BE it.  Yes, BE the change you would see in the world.

Listen to the longings of your hearts now, and with each passing moment, step in the direction of your dreams.  Pursuing your own passions will allow others to joyfully follow, and the sparks of creation shall dance!

Just as a child gazes in wonderment, I invite each of you to seek the magic and miracles of this happy time.  All creation sings out with delight to the glory of our Mother/Father God.  So, celebrate Beloved Ones!  Let us share together amidst shouts of joy and laughter for Earth has truly become One with the Company of Heaven!

Stand steadfast and true as the world transitions take place.  Your love and compassion shall shine as a beacon to those awakening from their slumber.  And as they wipe the sleep from their eyes, guide them to clearly see the magnificence of who they truly are!  there shall be such delight to behold.

Approach the remainder of the year with hearts wide open, Dear Ones, and with loving intent sincerely create peace on Earth and goodwill toward every many, woman, and child.  For Love, experienced and shared, is the greatest gift of all.

In joyful service,

​I AM your brother,

Archangel Andrew

​Message from Archangel Andrew in Response to World Events

November 16, 2015

Beloved Ones,

The tides of change are upon you, washing over you.  As in all things, opportunities arise every moment so that you may choose Light.  Miracles are happening every day, and you, Dear Ones, are the magicians!  Step out of the box of restriction and see through the lens of infinite possibilities.  Choose what it is you desire to experience on the Earth, and then consciously create it!

​You cannot bring change by fighting fire with fire as it only perpetuates the same.  rather, when you invite the living waters of love and compassion to dowse the flames, hearts and souls will heal and surrender to that love.  It is in such times of chaos that you are called to stand stalwart as fortresses of Light.  Do not succumb to the drama, but remain centered in your heart in peace.

Many souls believe in the dream they are in and are steeped in great misconceptions.  It is time for open minds and open hearts.  Ask questions.  Seek answers.  Search for truth that secrets may be revealed.  Knowledge shall return empowerment back to  Humanity and shall restore sovereignty to every man, woman, and child.

​It begins with each one of you, Beloved Ones.  Go within and challenge yourselves.  What beliefs are you mired in that have you restricted and judgmental?  So you respond from love and peace, or do you react out of fear and anger?  When viewing others, do you see them as different, and thus separate form you?

These are but a bird's eye view.  Come down and see from Love's perspective.  Love sees no difference for all are divine children.  Every nation on earth encompasses loving mothers and fathers, innocent children, generous communities, and people in service to one another.  Take a closer look, won't you?

​Think with your hearts!  Search for greater understanding now.  See that there is but a small portion of humanity that inflict the greatest suffering.  Ponder this, Dear Ones:  Who has the most to lose if peace reigned across the universe?  It is time for you to discover these answers.

Awaken, my brothers and sisters.  Yes, the tide is turning.  Allow the Light to illuminate all dark corners so truth shall be revealed.  And truth shall bring freedom to all Humanity.

I love you all.

In service to our Divine Mother,

I AM Archangel Andrew

​Message from Archangel Andrew

October 23, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Arcing Light is Divine Mother's gift of Love to the world.  It is through each of you that this gift is bestowed upon Her children.  The importance of this mission cannot be overstated.  You who are called to this service are like a special task force.

As with any great organization such as Habitat for Humanity, Save the Whales, or any group of persons working toward a grand cause so too, does Arcing Light require those who shall offer leadership and direction.  Therefore, I wish to address the role that has been named Teacher of Teachers so as to alleviate confusion and bring greater understanding.

The role of Teacher of Teachers is by Divine appointment by Mother and Father God and is determined prior to the present incarnation of the chosen individual.  Familiarity of this energy in higher realms and throughout the Universe is requisite for this appointment.  This designation shall be revealed at the appropriate time in accordance to the individual's readiness, for the responsibilities of this role are great.  Free will is always honored.  Therefore, the individual may choose to refuse the appointment once in human form, or to relinquish the role if unable to continue.

A Teacher of Teachers' love and passion of this holy gift of Arcing Light is apparent as it becomes the very heart of his/her life in service to humanity.  As a cornerstone in the foundation of Arcing Light, the individual anchors the divine frequencies of Love and Light.

In honoring the desire of our Mother's heart, a teacher of Teachers ushers Arcing Light forward in action across the planet.  He/she will reach out to heal, to teach, and to lead this movement forward.  This individual has great responsibility, yet is the servant of those in need, for this role is based in love, wisdom, understanding, and compassion.  There is no room for thoughts and actions driving by the ego, for they are incongruent with Arcing Light and its divine purpose.

A Teacher of Teachers knows that Arcing Light pours forth through the heart as it is the very essence of Mother's Love.  For this reason the thinking mind is not engaged when sharing this gift, for always those offering Arcing Light are forever a vessel in which Divine-Soul connection takes place.

​This healing energy is Mother's great gift to Humanity, and it shall always be overseen by us, the Archangels of Arcing Light.  Come together with open hearts, Beloved Ones, for you are brothers and sisters cloaked in the mantle of our Mother's Love.  May your spirits sing as you work together in joy!

​In service to Divine Mother,

I AM Archangel Andrew

Message from Archangel Andrew
October 3, 2015

Dear Sons and Daughters of Arcing Light,

​The winds of change are upon you, beckoning you forth into your greatest expression.  Hearts are awakening in this new dawn, and just as a lighthouse guides the ships to shore, the light within you shines forth for those seeking truth and love.

The expansion of Arcing Light continues as the waves of energy from the center of the Universe spread across the globe.  And with this expansion, an anchoring is necessary now.  Beloved Ones, you who are encoded with the alignments of Arcing Light must securely hold this energy within your Being.  Allow it to be a part of everything you are.  In so doing, a grid shall be created connecting each of you and anchoring the gift of our Divine Mother here on planet Earth.

Therefore, I call  now for a unification of all holders of this Light energy.  Practitioners and Teachers in every location, come.  Stand and be counted.  Unite in heart, in mind, in vision, and in purpose.  No one shall wander alone for the family connection is established.  If this expression of our Mother's Love is to heal the hearts of humankind throughout the globe, it must be communicated and shared consistently and described appropriate with utmost respect and honor Her beautiful gift deserves.

Join together, Beloved Ones.  Commune, support, learn, share, and love one another in harmony.  Then go out and share!  Each of you wear the cloak of pure Light of Mother's Love, and you are never alone.  My brothers and I walk beside you every step of the way.

You were not called to Arcing Light by chance, Dear Ones.  It is part of the great plan for the Earth and for you.  Arcing Light is part of the purpose of your life in human form, and the time of fear is over.  The awakening souls of Humanity are searching for a guiding light.  Won't you shine yours for others to see?

I commit to you that I shall bring forth all that is necessary for greater understanding and comprehension.  As you move from the confines of the ego and transition to living in your divinity, grace shall pour upon you.  Reach high now and seek your own fulfillment in unity with Father/Mother God and of all Creation.

Take my hand.  Let us begin.

In service to our Divine Mother,

I AM your brother,

Archangel Andrew

Message from Archangel Andrew

September 4, 2015

Dear Ones,

Life is changing as you know it.  Events are taking place that will move humanity and the Earth into higher frequencies of Light.

This Light is Love.  Love is Light.  They are one and the same.  Love-Light is the very fabric of all creation, and indeed the very essence of your Being.  Love-Light is the breath of our Creator, Mother/Father God.  This very moment all of you are bathing in the highest energies your physical bodies have ever experienced, transforming every aspect to its greatest potential in this momentous time.

​See within yourselves and others the false pretenses as they fade.  Your authentic self reaches for its unique expression -- no longer hidden under the masks of fear and doubt.  Spend time with yourselves, Beloved Ones.  Allow your true identity to emerge gloriously and confidently!  It is time for revelation!

​Many of you will find hidden talents and gifts coming on board.  Once dormant, they are called into action as they are to be used in this shift of awakening souls.  Your Higher Selves are anxious to share and enlighten you.  You need only ask.

​Arcing Light, the gift of our Mother, blessed by our Father, is transitioning from its infancy stage into its full capacity.  Building momentum now as streams of energies flood the planet, Arcing Light is the transformational tool of Divine Feminine and Grace nurturing and restoring souls to their purest state.  Arcing Light energies allow the individual to release and renew at a cellular level.  All experience - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - past and present, are recorded in the living cells of the human body.  All evens deeply buried and carried lifetime after lifetime are transmuted.  All that is necessary is the conscious decision to love yourself unconditionally!  Once understand that each person is a Divine Spark of God and a holy expression of their Love - shifts the consciousness from victim to co-creator.  Life takes on purpose - the conscious, deliberate creation through Love.

Arcing Light is a vehicle for Mother's Love to move throughout the world.  Practitioners anchor the energy through the encodements within them, allowing the conscious divine energies to move freely, without obstacles - to the degree healing is allowed by though who receive this gift.  It relaxes the lower densities held in the energy fields of the body, returning one to a pristine state.

The energies of Love-Light are powerfully moving across the planet.  All souls are affected by this gift from our Creator.  It is time for living as your authentic selves, Dear Ones.  I invite you to shine your own light in the transformation of your world - standing on the threshold of the new Golden Age!

I am Archangel Andrew

in loving service to Divine Love-Light

Message from Divine Mother with Mother Mary

May 4, 2015

Beloved Children,

Arcing Light is such sweetness@  It is my gentle, loving caress on the cheek of my child and my loving embrace!

​Arcing Light calls forth the original DNA at the moment of creation as a soul.   In its perfection, it is the very essence of each unique life!  Most individuals are unaware of the reaction their human bodies have at the touch of Arcing Light.  Each cell recognizes the divine blueprint of its divine birth and realigns in harmony with it.

Every human soul longs for the connection back to themselves.  Steeped in the lower vibrations, they often deny themselves the very moments of silence that is the doorway home.  Seek time in meditation and contemplation, dear ones.  Every moment of peace and serenity to sooth and calm is most beneficial.  The Pillar of Light within has been forgotten as constant activity and outside stimulation robs them of the sweet, blissful connection to us and to their Greater Soul.  Teach my children to turn away from the noise and reconnect with their hearts.  Let us open the lines of communication once again.

​Arcing Light is my gift of love to reintroduce human souls to their divine, authentic selves.  Thank you for graciously presenting my gift to the world.

​I AM your Loving Mother.

Message from Archangel Andrew

January 15, 2015

Children of the Light,

Because you have asked, I will share a little more about myself.  I am, and have been, in service to the Divine Mother throughout eons of time.  I am Protector of Her secrets and Bringer of her Love.  I, myself, am an instrument of our Mother's compassion.  She wills to see her children whole.  The gift that She gives and that I bear unto you is powerful and important.  There is nothing greater, for the Love She offers is in its purest form - it is the Love of Source, of One, of All That Is.  Know this:  I am with you.  healing with Arcing Light is the service of a Master.  You are called to be so.  It is by your very intention that I and my brothers come to serve with you.  Do you comprehend this divine partnership?

Some of you still do not yet grasp the gift you have been given - the holiness of Arcing Light.  Has your devotion run cold?  I invite you back.  Let the flame be re-ignited so you may again burn with passion in service to humanity.  This is our wish, yet your free will is honored.  If approached via whim or curiosity, the gift of Arcing Light will not remain.  However, if approached with desire and love, Arcing Light will anchor and grow within.  If you are committed to your calling, we encourage you to stay current with the energies as they expand, for indeed, they are greater than ever before.  Experience the changes yourselves and participate with your Family of Light!  Attend meetings, classes, and gatherings.  Love and support one another for your share a sacred bond.

This gift of Arcing Light, bestowed upon you, is to be utilized.  Each of you were prepared by me, body and soul, to be vessels of Love.  It flourishes with use and blesses abundantly those who share and receive it.  Do not allow your gift to lay dormant.

When you speak of Arcing Light, let it be with one voice, in unison and harmony.  Let the message be consistent across the globe, centered in the heart.  This gift is not to be changed or diminished in any way, for to do so does not honor it.  Do you  not remember that Arcing Light has consciousness?  Has intelligence?  Hold this gift in highest regard!  When you frequently share Arcing Light, this divine intelligence become your ever-present partner.

Do you not believe that we know of your struggles in the lower dimensions?  The requirements of living life on Earth are demanding, and thus living in love, and peace, and in joy is often far reaching.  Or is it?  Do you understand that it is a choice?  Daily life is either approached with the ego-mind and its limiting thoughts and fears, or with the heart in love open to all possibilities.  Do not choose to live small, Beloved Ones.  Step into your golden shoes and live grandly as the divine being that you are!

The call to carry the Light is not for those who are swept off their feet by the changing winds, but for those who live anchored and strong in the heart!  And as you live, carrying Love as your banner, courage and determination are yours.  Stand up and step forward if you are willing.

You do not journey alone.  Legions of angels accompany you.  You are loved and supported by the Company of Heaven.  Come, walk with me.  Let us light the hearts of humankind together.

In loving service to you and to Creator,

​I am Archangel Andrew

Message from Archangel Andrew

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year, Beloved Ones!

Celebrate as you welcome the dawning of this new year.  Let your hearts beat with joyful anticipation as the gifts of the Creator are freely bestowed upon you!

As you ponder the year before you, consider what you can offer as your contribution to the Light.  What are the gifts you can share with your brothers and sisters of Earth?

The sharing of Arcing Light is a service of tremendous love.  As it is offered to one, the giver also receives.  the very essence of Arcing Light is LOVE.  Be completely in your hearts as you share this gift of the Divine.  Allow the ego=mind to move to the background as it learns to serve you better by supporting life in the heart.  This is the next step in your development - to live as LOVE.  Let it be who you are.  Be its glorious reflection through every word, every thought, every feeling, every action.

Arcing Light is Creation Energy!  As the Feminine births forth all of life through love, so does Arcing Light generate and renew life once again!  This energy expands as humankind raises in consciousness.  Rooted in the Earth, it elevates through the human heart, and lifts upward to our Creator.  Yes, Beloved Ones, you are truly instruments of Creation!

Arcing Light must be honored as the Divine gift that it is.  Each person receiving this Divine Love are to have full understanding that this gift is a unique expression of the Divine Feminine energies.  An open and willing heart is required.  Share this energy with all souls who are ready for healing.  Their active participation is necessary.  And as they come to recognize the Divinity within, they are changed forever.

​What is Arcing Light worth?  What value can be placed on such a priceless gift?  It is as a precious gem in all its splendor!  Those who know its significance and honor it, and choose to receive this precious gift, are to offer something of themselves in return.

Many in the world do not yet recognize nor understand the gift you bear.  But do not hide it away!  Stand firm and courageous, for you carry within your very self the LOVE of the Most High outpouring through you in the gift that you share!  Open your hearts wide and connect to the Divinity within, and know in the depths of your being that you are in communion with Creator forever.

The changing times are uprooting old patterns and beliefs.  As these are being shaken loose, do not worry or sink into fear.  Stay centered and strong in your hearts and let peace reign supreme.  Lead the way with your light held high and shining bright, guiding others along the path.  We are with you, working beside you.  And, at the end of the day, rest peacefully in our Divine Mother's loving embrace.

With love and gratitude,

in service to Creator,

​I am Archangel Andrew