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Arcing Light Healing Energy

​of the Divine Feminine

Message from Archangel Andrew
January 16, 2017

Beloved Ones,
Last year 2016, was a year of immense cleaning and transmuting of old energies, and the dismantling and clearing of old patterns so that the structural framework of the new paradigm can be created to take its place.  You comprehend that one must first let go of that which is no longer needed in order to make room to receive what is new for growth to occur.  This takes place on every level of existence - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

New energies are streaming upon all of humanity, balancing the feminine and masculine Christ Consciousness within every soul.  Many of you are awakening to the knowledge of who you truly are, and the gifts and talents that have laid dormant are now coming online.  As with all things, it is through your conscious choice which activates this expansion; thereby, opening the realms of possibilities of your creative power.

Your world is now bathed with the most benevolent energetic forces direct form the Central Sun, and great dispensations have allowed more beings the upward movement in the Ascension process.  All of humanity are affected, none are left out.  Some are conscious of this grand occasion and surrender themselves - allowing this Pure Love to easily transform them into their True Selves - sparkling brilliantly as a diamond in the sun light!  Others are aware that something is occurring but as yet do not understand these changes taking place within.  They are confused, and believe that what they are experiencing is caused outside of themselves.  Finally, there are those souls who are angered and upset with the thoughts and emotions these energies bring to the surface, digging their heels deeper in resistance.  They find it most difficult to integrate the higher frequencies of light.

And what of Arcing Light?  The vibration of Arcing Light has elevated yet again, and the energy is all-encompassing!  It is, in its fullness, pure Light!  Humanity's capacity to hold more light has expanded, enabling Arcing Light to vibrate at a higher frequency.  The Divine Mother ceaselessly bestows the give of her great Love as the hearts of humankind continue to expand!

Many of you experienced the gift of Arcing Light.  This profound gift bestowed upon you transformed you on every level of your being.  Whether you were aware of it or not, the light within you made a quantum leap during your session, raising your frequency that is more in tune with that of your Higher Conscious Self - who you truly are!

Procrastinate no longer, my Dear Ones!  Awaken within to the glory of you, for it is in this divine moment of the Shift of the Ages that Light and Love shall unveil every soul upon Earth!  As you move into the full consciousness of who you are, all limitations shall be no more, for you will know that you are a Divine Being, a Co-creator of Life, here on the planet to instill the Universal Law of Love.

You are never alone, Beloved Ones.  We are with you every minute of every day.  we love and adore you with your courageous hearts!  YOU are needed in this year of fulfillment.  be brave and go forward.  Choose to live as daughters and sons of Magnificent Light!

With deepest admiration,

I AM Archangel Andrew