Arcing Light

Arcing Light Healing Energy

​of the Divine Feminine

I am interested in Arcing Light and want to know more?

Please contact Peggy Lindsey (928-273-8447) or a Practitioner listed to:

  • Discover more about Arcing Light
  • To obtain a demonstration of this healing energy
  • To experience an Arcing Light session - either in person or in a distance healing session

What is involved in taking the Arcing Light Teacher Course?

​The Arcing Light Teachers Course is the only other level, and it consists of a 2-day class in which a healer receives more alignments and vibration frequencies so they can pass on these bands of light and energies.  This level can enhance a healer's ability to expand their healing energies as well as intuitive gifts.  Arcing Light Teachers Course is suggested for those individuals who have a passion and joy for Arcing Light.  All teachers are expected to offer practitioner classes on a regular basis.

What are the advantages of taking the Arcing Light Course?

  • Helps you build energy in your energy field
  • Teaches you a simple method that allows you to assist others
  • ​This energy will not interfere with other healing modalities . . . it may even enhance them
  • Helps in creating a "letting go" process to help you focus on what you desire to create
  • ​Assists in increasing your intuition/spiritual connection
  • Can help lessen reactive stress and create more joy
  • ​removes or lessens emotional blocks, phobias and fears
  • Decreases and releases pain in the body . . . promotes health and wellness . . . increases vitality and movement

What is involved in taking the Arcing Light Practitioner Course?

​The Arcing Light Practitioner Course is a 2-day process taught by a certified Arcing Light Teacher in a comfortable environment, and consists of receiving alignments and vibration frequencies that are brought through a bio-energy field.  The frequencies create bands of light around your arms and legs; working through your core, mainly the solar plexus and your crown.  The Arcing Radial (Spiraling) Light can assist in clearing energy blocks in the physical and emotional body while you are in the mode of receiving.

Most students describe being in an altered state of consciousness, for the energy is so loving and relaxing.  This is an incredible nurturing experience as this energy represents the feminine frequencies.  Each student is taught a simple format to follow in doing an Arcing Light Healing session, and time is dedicated to demonstrate and practice on one another.  Also, on the 2nd day of class, students receive additional energies:  Ko-lodial and Co-axial that assist in working on mobility problems, as well as simple techniques used with the energy to assist in relaxing the head, neck and back.

Arcing Light Energy can be sent long distance or across a room, and the importance of intention and protocols are given.  Following completion of the Arcing Light Course it is highly recommended to attend practice sessions and meetings where healers work on each other.  Every time a healer gives Arcing Light, he/she also benefits from the energy coming through.  Upon completion of the course a diploma for certification is awarded by the teacher.  

In summary, the Arcing Light Practitioner Course is all about relaxing and being open to receive the gift of this energy.

NOTE:  Arcing Light works well with other healing modalities.


What changes can I expect from an Arcing Light session?

Clients say that they feel calmer.  Over a short time they can notice an "attitudinal shift" which assists them in self healing, since there is never a day that reactive stress is not present.  Arcing Light can assist in healing the following, but not limited to:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Nervous shakes
  • Difficult Mental Focus (ADD)
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Reactive stress
  • Chronic pain / Mobility issues
  • Spiritual / Intuitive opening
  • ​All areas of Dis-ease

Comments from Clients:

  • "I felt a connection to the Divine."
  • "The energy was amazing, incredibly relaxing and opening experience."
  • This experience exceeded my expectations.  I now want to learn to do this!"
  • This process has freed me of my knee and leg pain."
  • "I have noticed immediate release of chronic back pain during this session."
  • "Not only do I feel relaxed, but feel a lightness of my body!"
  • ​"I am not only calmer, but feel so much happier!"