Roberta Cross

Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor

Paisley,  Florida - USA

Phone:  (352) 669-5421​​

P.O. Box 279, Pailsey, FL  32767

Roberta Cross has lived in Central Florida for over 30 years.  She was a Navy dependent growing up and lived in Pennsylvania, Midway Island in the Pacific, California, Hawaii, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Andros Island in the Bahamas, and Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland before settling across from the Ocala National Forest in Paisley, Florida.  She comes by her psychic gifts from her mother and grandmother.  Her mother is also a natural healer.  Roberta is also an Intuitive Reader using OSHO Zen Tarot.

Roberta has studied Mediumship with Rev. Mary Rose Gray since February of 2005.  She studied Metaphysics for over two years, and Ethics and Physical Phenomenon with Rev. Don Zanghi.  Also, one year of Comparative Religion with Rev. Ben Cox.  All of these teachers are from Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida.

​She was certified by Kathy Russell first as a Healer and then a Teacher of Arcing Light in 2007.

Raised in the Midwest, I married a Naval Officer after college and traveled the world.  I am a certified Spiritual Medium/Healer, Ordained Minister, an Accredited Teacher of Tai Chi Chih and Seijaku, as well as an amateur golfer.

From my first experience of doing Arcing Light, I have the honor of working with Archangel Uriel with all my clients.  Through mediumship i am able to bring forth information and insight to people by removing emotional blocks and realigning their Life Force Energy, thus bringing them into balance, harmony, and realignment with their soul.  In addition to Arcing Light, I do Sound Healing and Sonica Therapy.  I would be honored to assist you on your path to healing.

I have been using Arcing Light since 2003 and had wondrous experiences with family, friends, clients and Angels.  Being able to send it remove to individuals around the Earth really opens up so many possibilities.  It tickles me each time I see the amazement on people's faces as they recognize the experience they just had.  Remember, "I along can do nothing, but with God, all things are possible!"

Art has been my life for over 33 years, painting with high vibrational colors now, produces a type of color therapy.  Creating a DVD called "Voyage" with music is great for meditations and balancing.

Kathy Russell

Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor

Teacher of Teachers

Oviedo, Florida - USA

Phone:  (407) 365-5839


practitioners and teachers

Arcing Light is the most amazing experience for energy healing that I have ever felt.  It fills me with such joy and love when I help others heal with this loving and very gentle energy.

Each session is unique as it is dependent on how the energies will respond to that particular healing.  My clients often mention how Arcing Light has helped them heal both physically and emotionally.  They feel much lighter and much more balanced.  They also walk away with a better understanding of who they are, and what they want in life.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of the Divine Being that we are.  I invite you to experience this loving, joyous energy.

Patricia Leddon

Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor/Artist

St. Cloud, Florida - USA

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Chris Epperly

Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor

Lady Lake, Florida - USA

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Arcing Light

Lorraine Bond

Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor

East's, Florida - USA

Phone:  (352) 406-8522​​

Arcing Light has been my passion and joy, for this feminine energy is so nurturing and loving and brings forth calmness and relaxation for the receiver very quickly.  I have been a teacher and healer of this energy since 2002, and have been so grateful to have played a role in continually assisting others in experiencing the release of dis-ease in the body.

Though I have a background in medical as a nurse, I find that all disease comes from stress and creates emotional blocks, anxieties, and discomfort in our physical body.  It's absolutely amazing that one can experience removal of tightness, density, pain, toxins and begin having euphoric feelings of joy and calmness return in as little as a 15-20 minute session.

I have added the use of other healing tools as Biogenesis and the Trinity Table​, as well as my intuitive messages to make the experience complete.  Please call and ask one of our healers how to have a free demonstration.

Arcing Light Healing Energy

​of the Divine Feminine