Arcing Light Healing Energy

‚Äčof the Divine Feminine


practitioners and teachers

I truly enjoy working with the Arcing Light, for this loving, peaceful energy provides strong healing abilities and keeps me in a very calm and meditative state.  My experience, when working on others, has been that I am able to provide such a deeply relaxing treatment, often resulting in sleep.  This restorative energy, clears and balances our bodies, as we unwind from dis-ease and begin to heal.

My career is in horticulture, for I have a deep love and connection to Mother Earth.  It has helped me to awaken to her sacred wisdom, and I am learning to bridge the gap between plants and humanity.  My awareness and knowledge is leading me into deeper realms of using Arcing Light in the healing of our planet, and I find keeping my hands in the earth and utilizing these natural pathways so inviting for bringing forth balance.  I am so looking forward to this evolution process and the progression of my work and my part of the unfolding of this enlightenment.


Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor

Santa Fe, New Mexico - USA

Phone:  (407) 252-0952

Arcing Light