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​of the Divine Feminine


July 11, 2016

Beloved Ones,

​A great moment in history is in the making where darkness and light collide in this most impassioned time!  Do you see how recent events, as tumultuous as they may be, are the still of the alarm clock jolting awake the hearts and souls of humanity?  We have discussed this very moment with you previously, have we not, preparing you so you may become the very foundation of peace, holding firm the Light of Life.

Yes, Dear Ones, now this minute, you indeed are the anchors of Divine Love!  As pylons thrust deep within the earth steadily support the bridge in troubled waters, so too, are you the powerful pillars of Mother's Love, cradling the hearts of humankind as the winds of change transform all life upon this beautiful planet - clearing, cleansing, creating anew!

In this message to you this day, I share with you the word of my brother, Ascended Master HIlarion, as he addresses this moment and what is transpiring.  And in unison with him, I too, sound the clarion call to every blessed person holding the energies of Arcing Light that we may pour the perfection of Mother's Love upon your world!

Connect with me in your moments of quiet, Beloved Ones, and together let us anoint all people, animal and planet life, and Gaia herself, with the sweetest of energies!  Breathe deeply now, and with overflowing love, let us flood all hearts and souls with Divine Brilliance!

We are beside you, my Precious Ones, in this most benevolent undertaking.  The tide is turning as every shadow dissolves, and all that shall remain is the radiance of Love!

​In loving gratitude,

I AM Archange Andrew

​Hilarious via Marlene Swetlishoff:  Take Up The Torch of Freedom, of lOve, of Unity, of Peace, Of Harmony and Hold It High

July 10, 2016

Beloved Ones,

The events that are taking place around the world are now increasing in their intensity and occurrence.  this is not random, Dear Ones, this is a deliberate plan.  Be aware that there are those who are in power who act in ways that are not for the highest good of humanity and this planet.

In order to counteract these energies, you the LIghtworkers, must continue to hold your Light, to continue to believe in all that is good and right and decent.  If you do not hold those presents, who will during these times?

​Please understand that these energies are creating awakening within the hearts of humanity.  No matter the horrific appearance of all that is occurring and the worrisome actions that are being taken throughout the world, know that these actions are in effect, awakening the higher hearts within humanity.

Indeed, everything that is being set into place is working against those who try to create chaos.  The more they try to create this chaos the more the people of the world dig deep down within themselves and act, speak and think from the heart.  this has the effect of leveling that which is happening negating everything that is being done to create suffering and bringing a higher vibration and frequency to the planet.

Try then, Beloved Ones, to look beyond what is in appearance, try to see the larger perspective of what is occurring so that you do not become entangled within it.  It is hard, we understand, to stand by and watch as this chaos occurs.  It is hard to watch your sisters and brothers being mistreated in such ways.

​The best way that you the Lightworkers can be of assistance is to retain and maintain your Light and your faith that all is working according to the Divine Plan.  No matter what is thrown at humanity from these chaotic forces, humanity has the power within them to turn it around and this is what they are doing.  You just do n to see this on mainstream new media.

​More and more people throughout the world are becoming very aware of the moves that are being made and those ones who bring this chaos still do not  understand that the old paradigm has crumbled and a new paradigm of unity, peace, harmony, cooperation and love prevails.  It will prevail!!

People throughout the planet are beginning to ask relevant questions.  Why in the year 2016 of the twenty first century are things going backward or seem to be going backwards?  It seems as though no headway in human rights and mutual respect of others has taken place and yet, this is all that is coming up for the review of humanity so each person can go within and discover what within themselves is encouraging and enabling this to be taking place in the outer world. 

Where in fact, do they hold raciest thoughts, unkind thoughts, murderous thoughts within themselves, for know that humanity are the creators of everything that occurs.  That is why we have been counseling you to refrain from watching current news events as they occur.  this is why we have been counseling you to be out in nature where you could attune to that which is the highest and best, that will enable you in your physical, mental, emotional, astral and etheric bodies to be in harmony and balance.  This helps you to stay aligned to your own God Self.

Lend your love and support to the people of color and other ethnic groups.  What has been occurring is unacceptable on any planet throughout the universe.  If you, the humans, wish to proceed and progress, you must become a voice to register your opposition to all that is taking place that does not treat bothers and sister as such.  It is past time for all these archaic methods and actions to cease forever upon this planet!  One does not have to go out onto the streets to raise their hands in protest, to be assailed by those in authority with different methods that block what you desire to voice.  One has only to go within to take root in all that you truly are, a Divine child of God.  Everyone, regardless of their race, creed and color has the same Light within their hearts, within their souls there is no difference!  We are One, Beloveds!

​There is a dividing of the ways, a crossroads if you will, that is occurring for humanity at this time, there are those who want to wage war, they want to start war when it is not necessary.  Humanity has moved past war mongering, humanity has moved pasted non-negotiation.  Humanity has moved past the need to take brute strength to overcome other nations, to overcome their sisters and brothers.  

And so we ask you the Lightworkers, to send your love, your Light, your healing, your compassion, to all those who have been affected by all the chaos that has been taking place on a regular and methodical basis throughout this world.

Be aware, awaken!  See what is actually occurring.  It occurs with regularity - note it.  Take note of it; the dates and the times; how this occurs.  there is a cycle, a pattern to it, and when you discern this pattern, this cycle, then you can counteract those activities through energetic and loving methods.

There truly are no victims on this planet; there are only those who lack awareness!  Once awareness comes, there are many roads that can be taken to counteract and neutralize all that is occurring but it starts from within each human being and so we enjoin you - take up the torch of freedom, of love, of unity, of peace, of harmony and hold it high!

​Maintain your stand - wherever you may be upon this planet is a place where you are serving the highest purpose during these times.  Do you see, Dear Ones?  Hold your banner high, hold the torch, everything that you need lies within.

Unit next week . . .

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

​The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  

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May 21, 2016

Hello Arcing Lighters and Friends,

Today is a most important time for illumination - with Wesak Full Moon (May 21-22, 2016) transit at 5:14 pm EST, I will be on the Trinity Table of Ascension . . .sending forth the highest vibrations for clearing and raising our vibrations to the highest frequencies possible . . . Together we can send forth the intention to Shine all Night from Dusk to Dawn . . . our desires, hopes and dreams to a re-birth of the Heart of Humanity and a new Christ Consciousness that connects us all with our Beloved Mother Earth.

I speak of clearing out all lower vibrations, all negativity, releasing all unforgiveness and toxicities of Mother Earth and calling forth our hearts to align with our deepest truth to bring forth this Holy Time of Christ Consciousness.  this will open us all to a shift in our perspective and bring forth the balance needed to embody it.

The events of the past three weeks (especially with all the planets in retrograde) will reveal a deeper significance now and through the coming months.  ​This is a positive Moon, with an uplifting time and an encouraging demeanor, for there exists an innocence about it.  She radiates a timeless Wisdom passed down through the ages, for she illuminates the vitality at the heart of a soul on fire for truth.  We cannot have light without darkness, and the most effective response to life is born of an open mind and heart.

This moon requires us to be who you really are.  "Be True to Yourself".  Come from your soul desires, as Saturn requires you to be realistic, be practical and grounded.  Do what is needed, as in taking plenty of cat naps when you feel tired.  Listen to your body and work when you are strong.  Do what makes you happy, where you are out of balance use discernment and patience.

The test will be to balance your need for freedom with your duties.  A type of tug of war in keeping the status quo versus taking risks.  With Saturn-Neptune aspect you can feel pulled in many directions.  This is a time to say "NO, I am not available".  Your soul knows what you need.  this is not the time to push yourself . . . focus your energy.  Prioritize what is important to you and what is a distraction.

You are here to be happy, to serve, to have your best life.  Know your truth, what is real and what is an illusion.  This moon offers us a determination to live a greater freedom . . . to go beyond the ego and rational mind, so we can experience what we have imagined.  To be open to the gifts from the invisible world, as we need faith, purity of heart and a need for appreciation.

This Sagittarius moon can show us flash sightings of a new big picture, for this is fire, the sign of broad knowledge, the kind that can help you connect the dots, allowing for the now, and the surprising possibilities.

My urgent call is asking all of us, especially Arcing Lighters, to put forth your intentions, desires and energies for healing and join with Peggy Lindsey's Arcing Light group in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 2:30 pm EST for sending our support for enlightenment.  She is hosting a gathering that will be focused on this special time of Wesak and celebrating the uplift of the Heart of Humanity and its ascension process with Mother Earth.  You are all needed as we are all connected to each other and to Mother Earth.

Please send your Love and Light!  See it illuminating all that can be seen and imagined, calling on the Divine, connecting our Hearts for the Wholeness, Healing and Raising up of Humanity with Mother Earth and the Christ Consciousness.  And so it is!


Kathy Russell

Arcing Light Trinity Center

2610 Danielle Drive

Oviedo, FL  32765

(407) 365-5839

​P.S.  I have a map of my pool (which represents the Heart of Humanity) infused with Codes from Divine Mother, placed in the Biogenesis Wheels for Creation over the Chamber of Eternal Light, and holding intentions for illuminating the Rebirth of Humanity with the Christ Consciousness.

February 9, 2016
Hello dear Arcing Lighters and Friends!

Many of us are reeling from the immense energies washing over the planet at this great time, and because of them, our bodies, minds, and spirits are certainly being put through quite a test!  Physical symptoms of nausea, headaches, dizziness, aches and pains, etc. are very common - but please know you are most likely not sick.  Your body is going through much integration and transformation!  Some are emotionally and spiritually all over the board, too.  Feeling so anger, frustration, doubt, worry, and loneliness as well as lack of motivation, unable to feel "in tune" with ourselves and with the Divine, are all part of this great period of release and transmutation.  It eve there was a time to truly choose our thoughts carefully, it is NOW!

​Wondrous changes are upon our doorstep, my friends!  So I ask that you stay centered in your heart.  Hold on to the thread of hope, even when you are weary.  Our Divine Mother, Archangel Andrew, and all of the heavenly helpers know how difficult the daily grind is for each of us.  They want to help us every step of the way - offering their love, guidance and support - we need only ask.

One of the things Kathy and I, as well as others, have discussed a time or two is - what happens to us as Arcing Lighters once the Gold Age is fulfilled, and people are living in full consciousness?  I cam upon this article (author unknown) a few days ago, and found it to be quite moving!  Perhaps it will help answer the question for you, too.

In celebration of your Emotional heart, I wish each of you very Happy Valentine's Day!  The love you gift yourself is truly the foundation of all relationships, so please take time for a little TLC!

Love and blessings to all,

Peggy Lindsey

​Arcing Light - Hot Springs

(479) 216-1287


In a time of great planetary transformation, great upheaval, great healing and "up-leveling" we see more healers rising from their own ancestral memories, own archaic soul memories as healers.  I am seeing more and more healing modalities pouring through humanity all the time.  We are being given modalities for healing our DNA for integrating our higher expressions of self into the earth body, for healing past emotional trauma, healing and releasing past life trauma and karma, we are undergoing spiritual surgery, template level re-organization, we are witnessing the uprising of the feminine, the healing of the collective feminine, and the shifting of culture.

If you are alive today, take heart.  You are a warrior of the soul.  You incarnated into this physical vehicle you call a body because you knew the beautiful trill of this 4th dimensional existing and your soul knew and wanted a front seat for the amazing healing and transformation we are now beholding.

In the past, the village had one healer, or a few.  And they would never call themselves the healer, they would never call themselves the shaman - only would they be called such a name by their community.  But the time has come to call yourself.  The time has come to claim your true identity, to name yourself.  Yes, I am the healer.  yes, I am the shaman of my soul, ushering myself between dimensions, reclaiming the lost fragments of who I really am, altering my own state like a finely crafted dial on a beautiful physical mechanism holding my most precious of spirit.  Take heart warrior spirit, you are the healer.  You are every bit the healer.

You are now healing with sound, you are healing with food, you are speaking to the water, you are speaking to the earth, you are communicating with the elements, you are recognizing your souls family who may not inhabit physical human forms, you are at one with the animals, you peer into your own eyes in the bathroom mirror and see the cosmos within yourself.  Yes, you are the healer.  And it is time.  The time has come for you to step forth as the great healer of your own life, if you have not already, and to recognize yourself as such.  To certify YOURSELF, which is a privilege no one else can have - only you can certify yourself and grant yourself the power of healing, for self and for others.

As we see humanity moving towards a collective population of healers, a culture of healers, a world of healers, the question arises, what is the fate for us?  Will we be healers forever?  Will our job one day end?

For light-workers and healers of all types, wee are the spiritual equivalent of the volunteers who go and rescue the oil laden ducks after a poisonous devastating oil spill.  We are on the front lines, we are in the thick of it.  We are clearing out the darkest of distortions, the heaviest of self-loathing, the depths of despair and guilt, the greatest extent of having forgotten who we really are.  As healers, by identifying ourselves as healers, as light-workers, we therefore use ourselves into this reality, willingly, intentionally, volunteering to become a master artist, a master practitioner in the very medium itself of light.  We chose this task, this creation, this story, this adventure, this remembering.  We, through our love, through our hands, through our touch, through our modalities, through our intentions, our art, our life, we are literally conducting light through our own vessels into this plane to illuminate every point on this infinite grid of consciousness.

I have seen that the future of healing is also the past.  You see, there was a time far in the past, but if you can allow yourself to understand, this construct of 'past' is also the future.  Time is not linear, it is cyclical, and we are rounding a new resonance in this spiral.  Yes, we are returning to our rightful place in existence - the place of our ancestors and the place of our descendants.  One day the tide of pure light will, in a sense, completely tip and when it does, the distortion, the forgetfulness, the shame, the hindrance of the spirit, will be gone; and then what of the healers?

​Once we have tuned fully into this, what will the healers then do?  We will do what we have always done.  We must understand that healing is not the fixing of something broken, it is the integration of the parts back into the whole.  And this is the paradox, stop waiting.  There is no waiting.  there is no peak.  Everything in creation is always expanding, infinitely expanding.  There is only ever more healing to be had.  And once the light is allowed to pour through unrestricted, we can be freed of our work with the sad energy of distortion.

How do we know this?  We need look no further than the myriad of other races and civilizations throughout the universe to catch a glimpse of the imminent reality of more natural, expansive, and higher-vibrational ways of existing.  Do you not think that the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Angelic realm, the Pleiadians, and so on, do you not think they themselves are also healers?  Of course they are.

In the constant unfoldment and expansion of the universe, there is ALWAYS more.  I repeat:  there is ALWAYS MORE.  there is always more expansion; there is always more healing in the sense that there is always more to discover and to integrate with the understanding that all the exotic far reaches of existence are still always parts of the self.  "Healing does not happen by the denial of things but with the integration of things".  The future of healing is pure creativity.  The future of healing is play.  The future of healing is exploration.  The future of healing is the natural state of being in control of one's reality and putting things out of balance just to put them back, just because you can.  This is what humanity has long identified as "God" or "Gods", but it is your true nature as a facet of God.

Rest assured, in the future, which is the past, we as past Venusians, past Atlantans, past Mayans, past this that or whatever, we as HUMANS as spirits in whatever form will only ever find our role as healers ever more exciting, ever more artistic, ever more expansive and creative and necessary.

Rest assured warrior spirits, rest assured heart warriors, your time is never 'coming' your time is always now.  You may give yourself permission to choose yourself.  Every part of your being is necessary and profoundly perfect and we thank you for your light.

January 4, 2016

We want to wish each of you a glorious new year!  It promises to be one of the most exiting ones yet.  Filled with new beginnings, phenomenal opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness, alignment with the true path for each soul, and wisdom that we truly understand that resolving various conflicts, within and without, will benefit all.

This year remember there is no lack in the universe!  All that you wish for can manifest into your reality - all you are to do is hold the space for your own sacred self and see, hear, feel, and know that your dreams are YOUR reality!  Understand that it is through joy, lightness of being, and playfulness that these dreams are born.  Allow your creativity to flourish!

Above all, love yourself, fully.  Completely accept yourself just as your are.  And from that place of acceptance, if there are certain aspects of yourself that are no longer working and you are ready, let them go!  Through your own self-love, you enable yourself up to loving and understanding others.

Remember that you are being fully supported by the inflow of the new energies.  Stay on course, enjoy every step of your journey, and be in the NOW moment as you give gratitude for all you are experiencing.  Allow your divinity to shine through!

Let us create a magical year together!  Happiness - Abundance - Peacefulness - Health - Balance - Love and Great JOY!

With love and gratitude,

Your Teachers of Teachers

Peggy Lindsey                                                                                 Kathy Russell

Hot Springs, Arkansas                                                                Oviedo, FL  32765

(479) 216-1287                                                                              (407) 3656-5839