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About Arcing Light

Arcing Light is a high vibrational, loving energy that is powerful, yet gentle, and holds the spark of Creation!  Arcing Light promotes calmness and an overall feeling of wellness and wholeness. This nurturing energy works on all aspects of emotions related to fear, anger, depression, confusion, and other problems of the psyche that are often deeply buried.


As the body becomes free of anxiety, one can then notice that pain, density (tightness), and toxins that create dis-ease (stress) are also released.  This light energy works on the "root" core of all imbalance and brings immediate change, versus other healing modalities that peel away layers until the issue is identified.

When a person can release these blocked emotions and feelings, they are then free to make attitudinal changes that assist in self healing on every level.  Changes can be felt in as little as a 15-20 minute session, or can be longer with a desired intention.  Arcing Light helps to create a heart connection with one's divine Higher Self, which allows you to release all conditions of stress and brings you into love, joy, and peace!


The immediate response from those that experience the Arcing Light energy is incredible feelings of calmness, relaxation, and release of pain.  Arcing Light assists in releasing conditions such as:  asthma, arthritis, nervous shakes, difficult mental focus (such as ADD), fatigue, depression, worry/obsessive thinking, phobias, and re-active stress, releasing mobility problems, high blood pressure, etc., and can open a person up spiritually and intuitively.

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Arcing Light's Dedicated Team of Archangels

Arcing Light is a divine energy which has a dedicated team of Archangels who are in service to the Divine Feminine (feminine aspect of God/Source).  Archangel Andrew, Archangel Matthew, and Archangel Anthony assist in every session of Arcing Light, and each have their own specialty that they bring:

Archangel Andrew is the overseer of the Arcing Light Energy on the Earth.  His focus is on how the Divine loves and sustains every being.  He assists individuals who have lost their self-worth.  He teaches how to love in divine fashion.  He sustains the "unloved" by placing heavenly love within them.

Archangel Matthew focuses on healing. He assists in dispelling or healing negative emotions such as grief and sorrow, and helps in removing all negative beliefs.

Archangel Anthony focuses on all positive intent.  He assists in healing on all levels and infuses positive thought.

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How does the energy of Arcing Light work?

Arcing Light is offered through the hands of the practitioner who acts as a vessel of the healing energy.  With the assistance of the Archangels, the energy moves directly to the core of every imbalance, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

This light energy brings forth a calming effect that corrects the movement of the cell's energy to become more round and flowing.  The Arcing Light energy travels in spirals of movement, that can be called radial light which helps the cells by surrounding them to become balanced and whole.

But this is just the beginning.  Please see Archangel Andrew's in-depth explanation here.  

Where did Arcing Light Come From?

Arcing Light healing energies came forth on August 17th, 2002, through a workshop created by founder, Lorna Malmberg, a spiritual teacher of over 15 years.  Through her special connection to the Angels and Archangels, Lorna was able to change the light, sound, and magnetic grids of people, impacting their lives in extraordinary ways.  The preparation for this workshop took 6-8 months, as Lorna prepared her students to receive the frequencies of Arcing Light.


This healing modality represents the divine feminine energies (Mother Mary energies known around the world), and is one of nurturing that assists in releasing all conditions of "stress" relating as emotional blocks and fears.  Arcing Light is a high vibrational, loving energy that is powerful, yet gentle, and is also beneficial in recharging and balancing energy fields.  This leads to promoting calmness, as well as a feeling of wellness and wholeness.

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