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Ann Myers.jpeg


Arcing Light Practitioner/Instructor

Los Angeles, California - USA

Office:  (323) 317-5138

Cell:  (612) 269-3252 


Ann has been doing massage and bodywork since 1997 and added Arcing Light Energy work in 2009.  Arcing Light has helped Ann's clients quiet their cluttered minds, "let go", have balance, clarity, guidance, information, insight, and/or direction.  Arcing Light raises your vibrational energies and releases pain and emotional blocks opening you to more peace, love, joy, abundance, and a calmness unequaled anywhere else.


In the book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay says, "if you can feel it, you can heal it".  Many people are not aware of the destructive emotions they carry that are creating dis-ease in their bodies.  I believe Arcing Light helps a person realize the deep seated emotions they are hanging on to and helps them release the emotions thereby giving them peace, strength, freedom, and restoring their health.


You can add Arcing Light to any bodywork session or have it as a session on it's own.  As this energy is coming from the universe which knows what you need, each person has their own unique experience.


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