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Laurel Snyder.jpeg



Arcing Light Practitioner

Virginia - USA

Phone:  (276) 768-9573


Board Certified Holistic Nurse

Sigma Theta Tau-International Nursing Honor Society Member

A.R.E. Wayshower since 1996

Community Service Leadership:  Ardmore Business District Authority, HARB, Celebration Foundation, Florida Hospital Foundation, Grayson LandCare

Facilitator:  National Speaker on "Aspects of Holistic Health"; Weekly Wisdom Circle (3 years); Dream Workshops; Intuitive Development Studies include:  Life Pattern Recognition; Master Level Hypnotherapy; Past Life Regression; Shamanic Healing; Intuitive Development; Therapeutic Touch; Reconnection Level 3; Merkabah Level 3; Arcing Light; Jaffe-Mellor technique; Death*Dying*Afterlife*Survival of Consciousness*Communication; Alternative and Integrative Cancer Care.


I believe Health is a balance between mind*body*spirit, centered through our connection to God.  Imbalance in one area can be compensated by strength in the other two; disease results when strength cannot compensate weakness.  I assist people in developing their strengths I believe all things area possible with God.


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