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Arcing Light is a high vibrational, loving energy that is powerful, yet gentle, that promotes calmness, wholeness and well-being.

Arcing Light creates a heart connection with their divine higher self which allows one to release all conditions of stress and brings one into love, joy, and peace.
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This loving feminine energy nurtures the body, mind and spirit.  The physical body is able to release density and toxins that create dis-ease. The immediate response from those that experience Arcing Light Radial Energy is an incredible feeling of calmness and relaxation and a release of pain.  The emotional body is able to release old, negative emotions deeply buried and replace them with a sense of lightness and peace.  The mental body becomes sharper and thoughts, ideas, creativity, and decision making become much easier.  The spiritual body is able to make the connection to who one truly is - one's Higher Self.


A session of Arcing Light can take as little as 15-20 minutes or more, and it begins with the receiver setting an intention of what he/she desires to receive.  Most intentions vary according to individual needs . . . such as to release anxieties of panic attacks, depression, sleep disorders, inability to focus; back pain, arthritis, neck and leg problems, etc.  Healing sessions are usually done with the client resting on a massage table fully clothed.  

Arcing Light may also be shared long distance by any practitioner, so if you are hospitalized, unable to travel, or live quite a distance away, you are still able to receive all the benefits of an in-office session.  

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