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"Each experience is different, but always calming and relieving.  It's as if a burden has been lifted, and I feel cleansed and at peace with myself and my world.  I struggle to find the right words to describe it.  I have never experienced anything like this, but every time I see you, I leave with a smile on my face as well as in my heart.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am."        Teri S.,   Florida



"I felt the surrounding of angels - healing my body of blockage.  I asked before my intention of opening my blood vessels.  It was done."        Cathy R., Florida



"When my son was five years old, he had trouble focusing in school and had sensory processing issues.  He was a 'high maintenance' student.  He seemed intelligent with a large vocabulary but was immature and developmentally delayed.   He also had trouble  making his eyes focus.  In addition to his multiple diagnoses, something just seemed "off".  We had tried many therapies including vision therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, energy/vibrational therapy with a wonderful holistic chiropractor, and brain training therapy.  We went through two years of these therapies.  Some of them seemed to help, especially our wonderful chiropractor, but the last large piece of the puzzle came after his Arcing Light session with Peggy.  He is seven years old now and is a transformed child!  This transformation occurred in about two to three weeks after his Arcing Light session.  He can function well in a classroom, is processing information well, and has received good behavior reports in class.  He is reading well.  I do not dread homework time like I used to.  I am so grateful to the healing power that my son received.  Arcing Light is a beautiful gift.  Love is so healing!"          ​Gen T., North Little Rock, Arkansas



​"Thank you Lorraine!  This is the most relaxed I've felt in a long time.  Alternating sensations of earth and vibration, healing to mind, body, and spirit."    David F., Florida




​"Last Saturday afternoon, I had a session of Arcing Light facilitated by Peggy Lindsey.  When she asked my intentions for the session, I decided rather than asking the angels to work on healing issues with my physical body, I asked for assistance with integration of Higher Self and raising my vibrational rate on the physical level.  The session was typically relaxing.  I  began to fade in and out of consciousness, enjoying the floating colors of energy, and I began snoring a little.  At some point, there was an image that an organ (stomach, heart ?) was taken above my body and healed, then replaced all instantaneously.  Toward the end of the session I sensed Peggy working on my left foot and leg when suddenly my head literally and physically moved from one side to the other. Hearing a quick "pop" of adjustment to the cervical area, continuing in a deeply relaxed state, my thoughts were of acceptance that "Oh good, they are working on my neck!"  And the session continued with my memory of walking down a tree covered, muddy, dirt road toward my Grandma's house.  I heard a voice say "Go for the adventure and seek the treasure!  You are the treasure."   All too soon the session was completed with Peggy asking me to return to the present moment.   What an amazing session this had been.  Often when the angels and divine work to nurture and heal my physical /emotional body, it is an experience of relaxation and absorption of energy like a sponge...  I Love Arcing Light!!  What a blessing to give & receive!"           Angela, Hot Springs, Arkansas



"My experience with Lorraine brings me peace, release, and clarity.  Her vibration is open and loving and giving, and her presence is very soothing and cleansing.  I feel lighter when I leave than when I arrived."       Jan, Lake County, Florida



"Peggy's Arcing Light energy session is simply sublime!  It feels like a massage for the inside of your body - extremely soothing, relaxing and refreshing at the same time.  Highly recommended to calm and restore your spirit, emotions, and physical being anytime.  I love having the Angel-touched "ahh-aha" feeling for days."       Angie B., Mena, Arkansas



​"Lorraine brought through the most beautiful light and colors.  She moved to all the areas I needed work on.  The sounds she brought through and produced brought different colors with them.  It was a wonderful and beautiful experience that brought light, warmth, and healing to the areas I needed work on."           Robin M., Florida

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